If you’re a blogger that has reported exclusive news in the past and have seen your story appear on another large and so-called more “credible” MMA website without receiving any credit or attribution for your story, please e-mail me at [email protected]

There’s an alarming trend of these sites that claim to have more credibility than blogs that are using our reporting efforts for leads but not giving us the proper credit. Despite these unethical tactics, some of these sites still have the audacity to claim that they hold themselves to a higher-level of journalism than blogs.

Some of these sites try to push around blogs without realizing their true impact and reach within the online community. If one site files a complaint against one of the “big boys” then they can just brush us aside. But if we all work together though then we might be able to put enough pressure on some of these sites to force a change in philosophy.

If a website wants to have an anti-blog policy, then that’s their business. But it’s highly hypocritical to deny their just due yet still cherry pick the story. If you can’t quote us, then don’t use us.

Enough is enough.