On FoxSports.com, Alex Marvez has a UFC 77 recap available that reveals several interesting news items. I wanted to take a few minutes to go over some of the news items that Marvez is reporting and give my thoughts on each one using the same format that a lot of fantasy sports websites use.

News: Rich Franklin suffered a broken nose during last night’s loss to Anderson Silva and is believed to be considering retirement.

Views: This isn’t too hard to believe. Franklin’s path to the title is road blocked as long as Silva is wearing the belt. However, I think Franklin is too young to retire. I have no idea about his personal wealth but if there’s still good money to be made in fighting, why would you completely walk away?

Franklin has taken extended breaks from MMA in the past due to injuries and I think another extended break appears likely. He should take a step back and wait for the landscape in the middleweight division to change before making his next comeback.

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