Tim Sylvia has decent athletic ability for a man of his size. But to refer to himself as the “agile and mobile Tim Sylvia” as he does in this ESPN video is a bit much, don’t you think?

Sylvia is also apparently still bitter that his “friend” Randy Couture decided to come out of retirement to fight him earlier this year. Well, Dana White claims he’s friends with Randy too and we know how that situation is working out.

In the video below, the “Maine-iac” claims that Vera thinks he’s better than he really is. He does make a valid point in that Vera hasn’t been tested but for him to also claim he hasn’t fought anyone on Sylvia’s level is kind of ridiculous. Vera holds a dominant win over Frank Mir and Mir holds a win over Sylvia.

Sylvia better bring his A-game when he gets into the cage against a man who fights like he’s just been shot out of a cannon. Sylvia better try to avoid the counter-attack style he’s used in recent bouts against Andrei Arlovski and Randy Couture. If he puts himself in a defensive posture then Vera will push the pace and force Sylvia to engage. I know it’s cliche but Sylvia’s best defense in this match might be to have a good offense.

I’m predicting that Vera wins by third round TKO at UFC 77 next Saturday: