Matt Cava, the administrator of and co-host of Inside the Cage Radio, is the latest addition to the family.

It’s bad enough that I’m already spending half my Saturdays with him but now we’ll be in contact even more since Matt has finally agreed to my relentless pleading for him to come aboard and lend his expertise in an administrative/content contributor role.

I wanted to give Matt a fancy title but he’s a modest dude, so we settled on the “Oz of 5 Oz.” Matt is going to be helping out with a lot of major behind the scenes things that might not always be noticeable that I’ve either been neglecting or simply don’t have the expertise to do.

Some of you might have noticed a few minor changes already and some posts by some clown named “Mr. Takedown.” All the changes such as the “rankings” and the “recent comments” areas are all Matt’s doing, as are the posts from “Mr. Takedown” (he makes me refer to him that off the air).

Matt’s the perfect guy to come on and straighten the ship out because his full-time job is in web marketing for Avenue A | Razorfish. It’s like bringing in a ringer.

With the additions of Adam Morgan, Ben Fowlkes, and Matt Cava, it’s been a great week so far for this website. The goal is to bring you a better blog and I’m confident we’re well on our way toward meeting that goal but I know there’s still a lot of hard work ahead.

Thanks for all of your support!

There’s one more announcement to make but it’s not one I will be breaking so I’m not in control of that. Just keep your eyes open.