I am proud to announce that Adam Morgan of 411Mania.com and Sprawl-N-Brawl.com has agreed to join FiveOuncesOfPain.com as a regular contributor.

The addition of Adam signals the beginning in a major shift in the philosophy of this blog. Up until this point, 5 Oz. has been pretty much a one-man band.

But not anymore.

Due to a major announcement that I might be making later this week, I might not be able to contribute to 5 Oz. with the same frequency as I am now. To address that situation and to also just improve the overall quality of the site, I made the decision to change policy and make 5 Oz. an ensemble cast.

I’ve been a huge fan of Adam’s work at Sprawl-N-Brawl for quite some time and have always enjoyed his cameos on “Any Given Saturday” and FightOpinion.com in the past. In fact, I thought so highly of him I wasn’t even initially on planning to ask him to become a part of the team because I just assumed he’d say no. I was talking about my intentions of bringing in outside contributors with my “Inside the Cage Radio” co-host Matt Cava and Matt suggested Adam. My basic reaction was “Why would Adam want to write for this site?” Matt asked Adam if he’d be interested, and much to my surprise, he was.

So thank you Matt and thank you Adam.

Adam will likely start contributing as early as Wednesday.  He is also just one of up to two more contributors that will be brought into the fold. One has officially agreed to sign on but I want to wait a day or two for the announcement because he deserves his own announcement and not to be just lopped into this one as an afterthought. As for the other guy, I’m just waiting for him to officially agree and then an announcement will follow soon after.

And as for the big announcement that pertains to me, all I can say right now is stay tuned!