Kevin Iole has an article up on Yahoo! with some post-UFC 76 fallout. Maybe I’m breaking the unwritten rule that other writers shouldn’t critique other writers publicly, but I think Kevin missed the boat by making the crux of the piece about Dana calling out bloggers and PRIDE fan boys.

The REAL story is that Chuck Liddell could be considering retirement. Iole drops in this little gem and just glosses over it:

Then Silva was beaten by Dan Henderson in February. When Liddell lost Saturday for the second time in a row, he said he’s going to contemplate whether to fight again, which doesn’t leave much hope for the dream bout.

Whoa. Stop the presses. That’s your headline. Chuck’s even considering walking away?

Is it surprising? Yes and no. He’s got to be frustrated as hell and dejected. But retirement? I’m sure he’s at a crossroads right now and he’ll probably take some time off and enjoy life. But I don’t think there’s a shot in hell Chuck is done. He might be indifferent about fighting in the interim but the guy is a natural born fighter. He’s going to watch some fights and he’ll get the itch to get back into the gym and back into the cage.