UFCjunkie.com has posted an interview it recently conducted with UFC middleweight Terry Martin. In the interview Martin accuses James Irvin of using steroids but really doesn’t have much factual evidence to go on:

UFCjunkie.com: So if you had the chance to fight Irvin again, you would?
Terry Martin: We’re headed in two different directions. I told people that guy sucked. He was lucky. What about that last fight? He was fighting and all the sudden his knee blows out? Like that? I don’t want to say it, but…

UFCjunkie.com: So you think he may have been on something? Steroids perhaps?
Terry Martin: Oh, come on now. You know that. No one’s knee goes out like that. And look at him. You know and I know that no body is shaped like that naturally — maybe close to that, but nobody has a body like that.

UFCjunkie.com: So you’re basing it off his looks alone?
Paper-thin skin and everything. Something’s going on. He’s was up to something.

Martin also revealed that he has signed a new four fight contract. He became a free agent after his last fight and the print edition of the Wrestling Observer reported that BodogFIGHT was interested in Martin’s services.

Martin has been impressive since dropping from light heavyweight to middleweight and with the current landscape of the division, he could earn a shot at the title with a win over Chris Leben at UFC Fight Night 11 on September 19.

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