Alex Marvez of has written a good article about how he feels the UFC should handle the debut of Brock Lesnar if they are able to sign him.

Marvez belives that Lesnar would be an ideal coach for a seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter and that his adversary should be a veteran heavyweight on the downside of his career who has an eye on getting back to the top at Lesnar’s expense (he suggests Frank Mir and Heath Herring).

He then suggests that Lesnar should fight said veteran on the live finale of the show on Spike TV. The idea of having Lesnar make his UFC fighting debut on free TV (well, not completely free, but you get the idea) is genius because it would really go a long way towards building him up as a major draw.

If it were up to me, I’d love for the UFC to sign Kurt Angle and have him coach against Lesnar on TUF and then the two fight on PPV. That’s a dream scenario on my part and I realize there’s next to know shot of that happening. It never hurts to dream.

I really recommend you check out the column. Marvez also discussed the Sobral/Heath incident at UFC 74 and mentioned that a lot of fighters backstage were none too pleased with Babalu. I saw the show with a lot of fighters in the stands and I can tell you they were none too pleased either.

You can check out the article by clicking here.