On this Saturday’s edition of Inside the Cage Radio we’re going to talk with UFC lightweight Kurt Pellegrino. Matt and I have become a HUGE fan of this guy, and I am sure you will too after reading Kurt’s story. In his recent interview he goes into detail about how rough his road has been, his friendship with Hermes Franca , and how much his battle at UFC 74 with Joe “Daddy” Stevenson really means to him…

“I was told I would never be here. I was thrown out of my school. I had nothing. If you ever meet me, the first thing I do is smile and shake your hand. And when I turn away I never call you a bad name. But at one time in my life, I hated everyone and didn’t speak to no one. And getting this belt will prove to everyone who said I can’t, that I could do it. I’m on a quest that isn’t gonna stop until I have that belt around my waist and I can tell everyone ‘I told you so.’ ”

If that doesn’t get you fired up to root for this guy, you need to crank up some Slayer and punch yourself in the face a few times.

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