Bob Arum is at it again.

Normally I don’t quote Arum because he’s a total moron but I couldn’t just let recent comments he made go.

Arum was a guest with Steve “Mr. Sunshine” Cofield on FoxSportsRadio 1460 in Vegas and attempted to rip UFC president Dana White a new… well, you know what.

“I’m not a pharmacologist so I’m not qualified for the UFC,” Arum began to say in his opening statement. “There’s more steroids and drugs in the UFC than the Tour de France. They’d better clean up their act. Because I don’t care if I am 110, it’s disgraceful to be involved in a so-called sport where every other athlete is using prohibited drugs.”

But he was far from done.

“And if he (Dana White doesn’t like it) then let him test the guys before they go into the match, not after, where 50-60% of the guys flunk a drug test,” Arum continued.

50-60%? Gee Bob, I’m not a lawyer but I think you just made a libelous statement. Do you have any facts to back that statement up?

In all, his pathetic diatribe lasted for about five minutes.

Arum also reiterated his racist stereotype that the UFC is comprised primarily of “white guys from the midwest.” How is it that he gets away with saying such racist bullshit?

Oh yeah, he also said he hoped White himself wasn’t on steroids.

I highly recommend you check out the entire audio on Steve’s excellent new blog by clicking here.

Steve’s had me on his shows several times and is one of the biggest MMA supporters you’ll find right now in mainstream sports talk radio. He also has an uncanny ability of getting people to spill the beans. On the morning of UFC 73, White ripped Jenna Jameson publicly for the first time while on Steve’s Fox Sports Radio show.

I highly recommend you check out his blog as there’s a lot of good stuff there.