I’ll be a guest on Fight Network Radio with Mauro Ranallo in a short while at 3 p.m. ET. You can listen to the show on Sirius Channel 186 or listen online at HardcoreSportsRadio.com.

Also, I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates today. Right now there really isn’t much going on. It actually worked out well because I resumed training today after a two-month layoff and it wasn’t pretty. I had to make not one, but two trips to the bathroom. To make matters worse, I am starting at a different school (MFS Philly still rocks, but it’s a long commute for me and my schedule keeps changing… the school I go to now is well-regarded as well and is an affiliate school, so everything is all good) so I looked like a total bitch on my first day. I’m sure you all wanted to know that.