Former UFC fighter Joe Riggs returned to MMA in victorious fashion on Saturday night, defeating Dan Chambers in the first round on a card promoted in Canada.

According to the Edmonton Sun , Riggs would “have lost his contract” with the UFC had he not defeated Chambers while Chambers would have won a contract with the UFC. Several other media sources reported the same thing leading up to the fight but Zuffa never commented on the reports so it could be a case where the local promoter was trying to sell the match to the public.

When I first heard about Riggs’ involvement on a smaller show, I made several inquiries and was told that he was still under contract to the WEC and that the idea was for him to get a win in a warmup match on a smaller show before finally making his WEC debut.

In spite of his underachieving ways, I’m a Riggs fan and think he could become a key player in the WEC’s burgeoning middleweight division that also features Jason “Mayhem” Miller, Joe Doerksen, and Paulo Filho.

TUF 2 alum Solomon Hutcherson also appeared on the card, defeating Nabil Khalib. WAR Team Dagger! Er… yeah.