Just a few quick random thoughts…

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– Does anyone remember earlier this year when there were rumors that Nogueira was going blind in one eye and might not be able to get licensed in the U.S.? Well, he had no problem that I know of getting licensed in California, one of the more strict states to get licensed. However, anyone else notice that Big ‘Nog had a lot of trouble picking up Heath Herring’s high kick? Was Heath quick enough that he could just keep slipping it in like that or did Minotauro have trouble picking it up with his peripheral vision?

– I saw the Wladimir Klitschko vs. Laimon Brewster title fight on HBO prior to UFC 73 on Saturday. Wow, what a mismatch. I know Brewster had beaten Klitschko before but Klitschko was winning that fight until he pulled a Tito Ortiz. But during the rematch, it was all Klitschko. It looked like Brewster came back from his layoff just to get a payoff. But the thing I noticed was HBO’s coverage and how good it is compared to MMA telecasts. As I’ve said before, boxing does a much better job with the post-fights interviews than MMA. One thing I would love to see in the UFC is for the cornermen to be interviewed after the fights. The fighters are usually out of breath after their bouts so after asking them a question or two, why not bring in one of their coaches and have them break down the action? I felt that when Emanuel Steward and Buddy McGirt were interviewed this past Saturday that they added more context to the fights than the actual fighters. Guys like Dan Henderson, Greg Jackson, Pat Miletich (yes, I know he and Dana aren’t on good terms) would really be able to add a lot when commenting on the fighters they trained.