I’m not precisely sure why I’m posting this, but I find it very funny.

There’s a guy named Percy Walker who claims to be a billionaire. He’s apparently from Greensboro, N.C. and claims he’s a hedge fund manager. He might be right about all that he’s claiming, I just have never heard of the guy (sorry, I don’t follow billionaires and hedge fund managers).

Mr. Walker has a blog and has jumped into the middle of the Dana White vs. Calvin Ayre feud. Here’s what Mr. Walker has to say, and he’s not too happy with Ayre:

Calvin Ayre, the Canadian founder of Bodog who made his fortune in online gambling and then lost it after Congress passed a law last year making it difficult for Americans to bet online, is taunting my friend and Ultimate Fighting Championship president, Dana White.  Bodog Fights, a mixed martial arts fighting league for recent graduates of finishing schools for girls, has scheduled its first fight on U.S. soil July 14 in Trenton, New Jersey.  Ayre, of course, can’t be there since he will be arrested if he ever steps on U.S. soil.

As mixed martial arts champion of the hedge fund division and multi-billionaire, I have this to say to Calvin Ayre:

If I hear of you or anyone in your organization being disrespectful to Matt White, UFC or anyone associated with UFC again, I’ll fly down to Antigua or wherever else you may be hiding from justice and arrest you myself.

So Dana White is apparently this guy’s friend, yet he refers to him as “Matt White” towards the end of his blog post?

BTW, is it even legal to go to another country and arrest a fugitive? I’m no lawyer, but aren’t there extradition issues? I don’t know the guy well, but I’m not so sure Percy Walker is someone I’d trust to manage my money.

If you are curious and have time to kill, just go to PercyWalker.com.