The ratings for the WEC’s debut on Versus this past Sunday are in.

The pre-recorded WrekCage show which came on at 8 p.m. ET drew a rating o 0.19 (189,000 viewers). The live two-hour telecast that began at 9 p.m. ET drew a 0.39 (416,000 viewers). The Tapout show at 11 p.m. ET recorded a 0.28 (286,000 viewers).

To give you some perspective, The Ultimate Fighter on Spike last week drew a 1.16 rating (1.6 million viewers). Also, the first game of the NHL Stanley Cup finals drew a 0.72 (523,000 viewers) on Versus.

The rating isn’t terrible but I’m sure Zuffa was hoping for a little better. But since the reviews for the first show was good, I think the ratings will grow over time.

As for Versus, I would think they are happy. Aside from the NHL, they now have a second show that can at least draw some sort of a pulse in the ratings. The big surprise is the Tapout show, which did a good job of holding onto a lot of the audience from the live WEC telecast. Kind of hard to believe it actually did better than WrekCage.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, the WEC’s ratings on Versus are only going to grow so much unless Versus gets picked up by more cable systems, or becomes more accessible on the cable systems that do carry it (you have to pay extra to get the premium tierĀ Versus isĀ on when it comes to many cable outlets).