I’m running short on time but I wanted to pass along these UFC tidbits…

* Dana White was a guest on the Jim Rome show today and reiterated once again that he’s working on a fight between Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva. White apparently said if it goes down, it’ll be the biggest MMA match in history.

* I didn’t hear it personally, but apparently Josh Gross said on Sherdog Radio today that Pride may not be entirely said. According to listeners who left message board posts, Gross said that Lorenzo Fertitta has said that a Pride show in Japan is possible for July and August and that a Pride show in the U.S. has been discussed.

* Steve Bruno from American Top Team is off the June 12 Fight Night Card. He was supposed to fight Chad Reiner. No replacement has been named. Sorry, this is old news.

* Some of you may have seen the Tapout show this past Sunday night where the reality show depicted a scenario in which Matt Serra severed his business relationship with the MMA apparel company just prior to his win over Matt Hughes. Serra has issued a press release taking issue with how everything was portrayed, claiming there was some misleading editing done:

In the recent episode of the television show TAPOUT, several issues regarding Matt Serra’s affiliation with the company were brought into question. Matt wants it to be known that his conversation with Charles (aka mask) was edited totally out of context. Matt’s sponsorship by TAPOUT has been always been one of respect and loyalty.

Matt was promised by TAPOUT that they would produce a special edition Serra short for his upcoming championship fight. This promise was never fulfilled! The conversation that was aired without Matt’s consent had nothing to do with wanting more money nor leaving them for another sponsor. The conversation was simply about Matt wanting to know if they could get the short produced by the time of his fight with GSP. They never would follow through with the shorts they promised. This is what the “real” conversation was about and nothing else! In the end, Matt decided to go with Sprawl after they guaranteed that they would produce the shorts that he wanted for the fight. In addition, most people do not know that one of Matt’s jiu jitsu students is affiliated with the Sprawl Company and throughout Matt’s MMA career he remained with TAPOUT. He turned down several lucrative deals so that he could remain loyal to TAPOUT.

Everyone who knows Matt personally knows that he is a very loyal and honorable individual who tells it like it is! Matt is very proud to be the UFC Champion and looks forward to providing exciting fights in the future to all the MMA fans around the world!