Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier in regard to this Saturday’s K-1 Dynamite USA card, something new happens that completely boggles the mind. 

Former TUF 5 contestant Gabe Ruediger has been selected to compete on this Saturday’s card during the non-televised portion of the event as an injury replacement. Ruediger was going to fight at a catch weight of 161 pounds. However, he has been denied a license by the California State Athletic Commission. 

No official reason has been given, but word is that the head of CSAC, Armando Garcia, saw a tape of TUF 5 and deemed Ruediger mentally unfit to fight after he determined that he had a “mental breakdown” on the show.  

No, I am not making this up! 

Ruediger has posted on the Underground forum and has confirmed he won’t be competing. However, he indicated he wasn’t able to talk about the circumstances surrounding his removal from the card. 

Here is the post Ruediger left on the UG: 

“I haven’t been here in some time. An attorney and friend of mine told me about this particular thread. I cant say much about the situation, but I am not happy about it. 

“I trained hard for this fight. My weight last night was 169 (4 pounds below the weight I started cutting from on the show), with another 3 days until weigh-ins. I am extremely disappointed that I will not be fighting. In this fight I wasn’t concerned about winning or losing (of course I felt I was going to win, and expected to win), just fighting. Now I don’t even get to do that. 

“You can say what you want about me. You can ridicule me and make your little gifs and pictures (I thought some of them were actually really funny), but this situation goes well beyond the show. 

“Once again, I can’t talk about what is happening, but I’m not going to allow this to just be.” 

With this decision, CSAC has done something I didn’t think was possible: turn Gabe into a sympathetic figure. The decision to prevent Ruediger from fighting is wrong on so many levels. If it’s indeed because he suffered a “mental breakdown” on TUF, then Garcia should be forced to resign. How can you make such a determination by watching an edited reality television show?  

Gabe screwed up royally on TUF 5 but there’s no reason why he should be denied a right to make a living.