According to the Wrestling Observer, more changes have been made for this Saturday’s K-1 Dynamite USA!! card. The biggest changes are to the co-main events, which had been scheduled for five rounds at five minutes a piece. Now, the Royce Gracie vs. Kazushi Sakuraba and Brock Lesnar vs. Kim Min-soo matches will be five rounds that last three minutes each. 

Wow, suddenly both matches have an exhibition-like feel to them. 

Johnnie Morton’s opponent, Bernard Ackah has also been cleared to fight, so that match is a go. Also, in the “dark” match of the card, Isiah Hill has been contracted to fight Katsuhiko Nagata. FEG/K-1 had been trying to get Gabe Ruediger cleared to fight Nagata. 

In regard to Ruediger, CSAC continues to deny that he’s been suspended or denied a license. They are saying there isn’t enough time for him to undergo testing in order to get him licensed before Saturday. The word is that those “tests” are ones that are psychological in nature due to concerns stemming from his appearance on The Ultimate Fighter. I just find it hard to accept that there isn’t “enough time” to get Ruediger licensed considering how many other licensing hurdles CSAC has allowed the FEG fighters to jump over. 

The Observer also reports that after claiming rumors that Dennis Rodman would be appearing at a press conference today and be at the Dynamite USA!! card were nothing more than rumors, FEG did a double-take with their press agent claiming Rodman will be around this weekend. There are reports out of Japan that Rodman will be making his “MMA debut” later this summer, possibly in Holland. Oh, joy.