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Dan Henderson Felt Like He Won UFC 204 Main Event

At 46 years of age, Dan Henderson knows it is the right time.

And while he would have liked nothing better than to leave MMA as UFC middleweight champion, the 25-minute battle he and Michael Bisping went through at UFC 204 will leave a lasting memory for all.

Henderson re-confirmed that Saturday was his last fight, ending a career that included titles in every promotion he competed in outside of the Octagon.

“I’m a little disappointed with the outcome. I felt like I did enough to win the fight. It should have been 10-8 in the first,” Henderson said. “I felt I won the first two rounds and I thought I won the fifth. It was one of the apprehensions I had coming to fight in his hometown. I knew I did that, so I’m happy with that.”

A career that started in 1997 and saw Henderson win 32 fights, including 16 via knockout, will be one that definitely leaves him in the hall of fame soon. He was a winner of UFC 17’s middleweight tournament, a Pride middleweight and welterweight champion, and a Strikeforce light heavyweight title holder.

“Thank you for the years and years of support,” Henderson said.


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