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Fabricio Werdum: Conor McGregor He’ll Have a “Big Problem” if Latter Doesn’t Respect His Space

fabricio werdum

If you watched the UFC 197 presser earlier this week, then you know Conor McGregor repeatedly trashed Rafael dos Anjos, and the latter’s buddy, Fabricio Werdum, isn’t happy about it.

Not only did McGregor insult dos Anjos and predict he’ll KO him in under one minute, he got right in the lightweight champ’s face for the customary square off. Well, recently Werdum spoke to MMA, and after relaying he would have likely slapped McGregor at the event, he stated:

“It’s very important to respect,” Werdum said. “You have your space, I have my space. We have a fight, why do you touch me before. I thought Conor McGregor wasn’t showing respect. It’s not good. If he does it to me, he has a big problem. It think it’s very important he respects my space and I respect his space.”

Um, yes, yes it is. Especially if and when you’re occupying said space with the heavyweight champ of the world. Werdum will face Cain Velasquez for a second time on February 6th.


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