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Ronda Rousey: “There’s no Setting in Which we Should Condone a Man Hitting a Woman”

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey continues to field questions about whether she could defeat male fighters, but the UFC bantamweight champ has made it abundantly clear she’s not remotely interested in fighting a man.

For some time now, lots of folks have had discussions and debates as to how Rousey would fair against a male 135’er. Then, after UFC commentator Joe Rogan contended that Rousey could possibly defeat half of the UFC’s bantamweights, the debate really took off. Especially since Rousey cruised through Cat Zingano in  14 seconds at UFC 184.

Well, although Rousey argued in a follow up interview that she could defeat “100%” of the UFC’s 135’ers, now she’s checked all this craziness about women fighting men. Rousey recently appeared on The Doug Gottlieb show, and according to a report from MMA, she relayed the following:

“It’s not a reality,” Rousey said. “They’re not gonna do anything like that. Fights are chaotic. Anything can happen. And there’s no setting in which we should condone a man hitting a woman.”

“I really just don’t think that any athletic commission on Earth would ever condone something like that,” Rousey said. “Fights are going to go both ways. You’re going to see both people hitting each other. I don’t think we should celebrate a man hitting a woman in any kind of setting.”

One can understand why these theoretical discussions have been sparked, as Rousey is a world class fighter and possibly the most dominant champ in all of MMA. But, clearly the 28 year-old star has hit the mark here with her comments. It’s time to move on and resume debates as to which female bantamweight Rousey could or should fight next, and how that bout will go down.

Rousey is reportedly set to act in another film, and as a result, she could be out of action for several months. In the interim, perhaps the UFC will come to a deal with Cris “Cyborg”? Or perhaps the UFC will book Jessica Eye vs. Bethe Correia in a title shot eliminator?

  • baby face norm says:

    There now everyone can leave it alone quit thinking she can beat up the guys thats bullshit!!! She would get her ass kicked!!! And she is a good woman fighter the best out there but like i say woman fighter not a man!!!!

  • AlphaOmega says:

    It’s mostly Dana starting all this stuff with his constant saying that she will have to fight men if she keeps clearing out her division. People just ran with it and kept it going from there, he should of just kept his mouth shut and never invited that thought to begin with

  • fanoftna33 says:

    We know she will not fight men and we also know she might do well against some but who would really want to see it, beyond the fun grappling she does with some guys.


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