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Doctor Says Anderson Silva’s Rehab From Broken Leg Could Have Been Assisted by Steroids

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva missed all of 2014 due to the horrific leg injury he incurred to close out 2013, and now, following the news of his failed drug test, some are wondering if the two events are correlated.

Earlier this week, the MMA world was rocked by reports that Silva allegedly tested positive for steroids in a drug test he took, prior to UFC 183. The former middleweight champ allegedly tested positive for the anabolic steroid drostanolone, and also androstane, which is a type of steroid hormone.

Silva worked his way to a decision win over Nick Diaz at the January 31st event, which marked the first time he had fought since breaking his leg at UFC 168.

Since then, Silva has released a statement denying that he’s ever used performance-enhancing-drugs. But, not surprisingly, that hasn’t stopped speculation regarding whether anabolic steroids could help an athlete recover from a broken leg.

In a follow up report from MMA,  endocrinologist Dr. Ali Mohamadi was asked for his opinion on the subject, and here is some of what he had to say:

“These drugs wouldn’t speed bone healing itself, but it’s possible the increased muscle mass could make rehab easier than it otherwise would be,” Mohamadi said.

“They could be potentially extraordinarily helpful in terms of rapid muscle building, both in terms of just physically causing the muscles and proteins to build,” the doctor added, while discussing the overall benefits of the PEDs. “It also has a second factor in terms of workouts. It allows you to have an easy recovery period after your workout. That increases the efficiency of your workout.”

Mohamadi also went on to outline the adverse effects of steroid use, one of which includes “issues related to liver failure”.

The results of two other, more recent drug tests that Silva underwent have yet to come in. The soon to be 40 year-old fighter is expected to appear in front of the Nevada Commission on February 17th.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Here’s the problem with it being for his leg healing, the two steroids he popped for are mostly used to slim weight while not losing your muscle mass gained while training so you don’t get weaker like you normally would when cutting weight


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