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UFC’s Lyoto Machida Calls for “Stronger” Title Shot Criteria

Lyoto Machida

While many people were excited to hear that Anderson Silva will lock up another title shot, if he gets by Nick Diaz at UFC 183, the news caught some people off guard. According to a new report, it looks like Silva’s buddy and teammate, Lyoto Machida, was one of them.

Machida recently spoke to the Brazilian outlet, and while discussing Silva’s title shot prospects, he stated: (translation via Bloody

“I can’t say if it’s fair or unfair. Anderson has a big history behind him, his not a nobody. If Dana White says that he will fight for the title, I won’t contest. I just think that the criteria should be stronger and better defined but we have to move on. I’m not a guy to be complaining, I like to focus on my work.”

Since Silva is a legend, as Machida noted, the UFC’s commitment to “The Spider” isn’t that shocking really. Especially since, some have argued, both of Silva’s losses to Weidman came via rather unique circumstances.

But,  should defeating a man who has fought at welterweight traditionally, lead to another shot at the title? If the UFC wanted to give Silva another crack at the belt, sooner than later, then should they have booked the former champ to face a top contender at 185 first?

Machida was also asked, once again, about whether he would fight his longtime training partner. After all, Machida is currently ranked #3 in the division, and if he defeats Luke Rockhold on April 18th, he’ll be knocking on the title shot door once again. “The Dragon” reportedly had this to say about fighting Silva:

“Everyone asks me if I would face him but it’s a bout far away of happening. Of course I would. As a professional, I would do it. The audience would like to watch. But it’s a fight out of context and to me it isn’t going to happen, so I don’t like to talk about.”

Fair enough. Machida-Rockhold will go down at UFC on FOX 15 in Newark, New Jersey.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Machida is right, what happened to the days when a fighter had to be on at least a 2 fight win streak to even be thought about for a title shot? Both Silva and Diaz are on a 2 fight losing streak, but this fight has title chances. Basically the UFC is saying, lose as much as you want, but be a complete douchebag, or at one time win a lot and we won’t care

  • THEGUNNER says:

    At this point the ufc is about money more than who is the best p4p or style vs style to make a good fight which is what I pay to see. This year does look better than last year I must say. Cards that 8ntrest me is when the weight classes are mixed a bit and it’s mostly #1 vs#2 or 3 vs 4 to see who moves up. No any punk from WWE with no experience competing in mma can override a fighter with a strong record.. when james tone came they gave him couture and no mercy I’d like Tha same to happen to c.m

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Can’t happen, no Commission would sign off on it. A person with no professional fights can fight someone who has professional fights.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    So you think they re going to put him with a guy that has no pro record at all. So two guy with no pro records will fight in the ufc. Paychecks should be 5 grand each at most.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    They have to, Brooks has to be paired with someone who has the same experience that he does, or no Commission will sanction the fight.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Unless they fight outside of the US or Europe maybe


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