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Ben Saunders Left Disappointed In UFC On FOX 13 Win

ufc on fox 13

Ben Saunders earned his second straight submission victory since returning to the UFC, but this one came with a different set of circumstances.

Saunders was taken down by Joe Riggs early in the first round Saturday night at UFC on FOX 13. As they moved to the canvas, Riggs hit his head on the body of Saunders, causing him to lose feeling in his arm for a brief moment.

As Saunders attempted to lock up another omoplata, Riggs tapped out.

“All respect to Joe, he’s a veteran of this sport and it was an honor going against him,” Saunders said. “It’s good to get the ‘W’, but I was hoping for some kind of bonus. We wanted to do the ‘Fight of the Night’ for you guys.”

Saunders (18-6-2) returned to the UFC earlier this year after a stint in Bellator that saw him compete in two tournament finals. He went 7-3 in 10 fights for the promotion, having previously fought for the UFC in 2007-10.

“Sorry for how things went down,” he said. “Every time, I try to put it on the line for you guys.”

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Between Rings and Varner that is a horrible history of bad luck.
    On the plus side I became a huge Ben Saunders fan in his time away from the Ufc, hopefully he starts to get a few good match ups and could start a Matt Brown type of career resurgence. Also a fight with Matt Brown would be awesome


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