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Voice Of UFC Set To Call NFL Games

mike goldberg

Mike Goldberg, the play-by-play voice for UFC pay-per-view and FOX events, will sit in on a different sport this weekend, as he broadcasts the Minnesota Vikings-Detroit Lions game for FOX.

Goldberg will be joined by former player Brendon Ayanbadejo and sideline reporter Peter Schrager for the 1 p.m. ET game. The contest will be available in the Minnesota, Detroit and Louisville markets on FOX.

Later this year, Goldberg will call another Vikings game, as the same trio announce the Minnesota-Buffalo Bills contest on October 19, and also on FOX.

The 49-year-old native of Ohio briefly flirted with a move to the WWE and pro wrestling in 2005 before resigning with the UFC. He started with the promotion in 1997 and has also worked college football and NHL games.

  • Dufresne says:

    I’m happy for Goldberg to get new opportunities, but that has to be on of the worst pictures of Goldy that could have been picked for this article.

    It seems like they’re trying to phase out Goldy and Rogan, and that makes me sad. I know Kenny and Anik are more professional looking and less excitable, but that’s one of the reasons I like Goldy and Joe. It feels like I’m sitting on the couch with some very knowledgeable buddies to watch the fights, and if one of them wants to go on a rant about people spilling ice or about how Thai steel cups offer superior dick-kicking protection, all the better.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Anik and Kenflo are soooo boring though, half the time I honestly can’t tell them apart. I think it’s really because Rogan makes 6 figures per fight, and Goldy probably makes way over that


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