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“Soldier Of God” Survives, Thrives Vs. Tim Kennedy

“Soldier Of God” Survives, Thrives Vs. Tim Kennedy

Yoel Romero was nearly finished at the end of the second round Saturday night at UFC 178. However, after his corner left him on the stool, he was able to recover.

That few extra moments allowed Romero (9-1) to storm out in the third, finishing Tim Kennedy and earning his fifth straight win. His streak is second only to division champion Chris Weidman.

“For everybody here, I love you guys so much,” Romero said. “I fight for everybody here. I love you so much, I love to fight for everybody.”

Joe Rogan asked Romero about the move by his corner to give him a little extra rest, and he apologized to the fans.

Kennedy (18-5) appeared set to earn the win at the end of the second, firing off on all cylinders in the final 10 seconds. Romero, though, survived and thrived.

“I feel a little (of the shots in the second), but I believe in God,” he said.

Romero tried to tell the crowd he was sorry as he was peppered with booing from the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

  • Screenplaya says:

    Blatant, unadulterated cheating at it’s worst. When Romero was left on his stool by his corner men, Big John should have made him stand immediately, or stop the fight.

    The classic Vince Lombardi quote comes to mind, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

    This fight better be overturned.

  • Dufresne says:

    I was actually angry when I saw all that go down, and completely pissed when it resulted in Tim getting KO’d. If you don’t answer the bell, it’s a TKO. Period. I don’t care if there was extra vaseline or whatever the hell they were fiddling with, stand up, get the corner men and stool out of there, and let the cutman take care of it. At the absolute least you should be standing up, not waiting for the ref and the entire athletic commission to yell at you before you move.

    The head of the NSAC said there’s a very slim margin that the fight will be overturned, and that’s complete horseshit. If I’m Tim, I’m filing a formal complaint and possibly even a lawsuit. He took additional damage that was completely unnecessary as the fight should have been called before those shots were ever thrown. I don’t give a shit if Romero loves us all or not, that was a shitty move and he’s on the “F*** ’em” list. Hope he gets KTFO in his next bout, hopefully by Tim in the rematch.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Did you guys also see where Romero’s corner threw the towel in the cage, and Big John threw it back.


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