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UFC President Comments On Thiago Silva Resigning

thiago silva

Thiago Silva is no longer banished from the UFC.

After seeing all charges dropped stemming from a February incident involving both his estranged wife and a local BJJ instructor, Silva was signed back to the promotion last week. UFC president Dana White explained the reasoning behind allowing the welterweight to compete again inside the Octagon after previously stating he would never do so again.

“When this thing went down, I said he’d never fight in the UFC again. When I watched it unfold on TV and heard of the charges, it didn’t look good for Thiago Silva,” White said in an interview with “But he was acquitted of all charges. How do you not let the guy fight again?

“He went through the legal process and came out of it untainted,” White said. “He deserves to be able to make a living again. He’s back under contract.”

Silva (16-3) has not competed since last October and will turn 32 years old this November. He is unbeaten in his last three, going 2-0 with one no-contest. Silva has gone 7-3 in 10 UFC appearances overall.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Easy to not let the guy fight again, he failed two UFC drug tests, one for non human urine, had cocaine in his system after a 4 hour standoff with swat. His wife had TWO protective orders against him that did not really protect her a whole lot and now that she left the country they just let him go. I would have zero problem never seeing him in the UFC again ever, unless it was in a fight vs Ray Rice then yes I would pay for that.

  • Screenplaya says:

    Sounds like Dana said, “He is banned for life,” when he really meant, “it looks for this guy,” Dana is once again struggling to communicate in the language he was raised with. Maybe Dana should learn English, learn to think before he speaks, or shut his flapping ignorant lips.

    And yet…he was probably right in the first place. Ignore everything I just typed and switch it to, “Maybe Dana should learn to stand by what he says.”

  • Screenplaya says:

    lol – I too have trouble with my mother tongue,

    Should have read “it looks BAD for this guy.” Internet trolling is a tough game. :)

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Thats funny Screenplaya.

  • Dufresne says:

    What they’re hoping for is that no one looks too deeply. If you gloss over it, it comes across as Thiago go arrested, all charges were dropped, it’s all good. If you look closer and see what fanoftna33 typed out, it’s pretty obvious why he shouldn’t be back. But honestly, what percentage of MMA fans even look at anything outside of event lineups? He knows most people won’t notice.


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