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White Sees No Reason For Cormier To Be Removed From Title-Fight

Jon Jones

UFC president Dana White returned from a vacation and immediately jumped into the fire, talking to about the current state of affairs in his promotion.

Of course, the pressing news concerns Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson. Originally, Jones and Gustafsson were set to meet in September, but a training injury knocked “The Mauler” out.

Cormier was given the spot and accepted, and a whirl-wind media tour ensued. However, the UFC light heavyweight champion went down with an injury of his own recently and the bout has been shelved until the new year.

That didn’t sit too well with Gustafsson, but White isn’t giving in.

“Gustafsson is upset, but it’s not like we took Gustafsson out of the fight. Gustafsson got hurt and he’s out,” White said. “Cormier stepped in and accepted the fight and this is the fight that is going to happen now.

“The reality is we had Gustafsson versus Jones, he was the number one contender, that was the fight. He got hurt,” White said. “He fell out of the fight. Well, people can say, ‘Now Jones is hurt.’ Well yeah, but this is the fight that’s happening now.”

While the Swede has stated through his manager that he will not take another fight before competing for the belt, White said he will “probably fight again” before.

“He’ll probably have to stay active, stay top of mind and hte guy has to make money,” White added, even saying that Anthony Johnson would make sense as an opponent.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    While I don’t think Gus deserves a shot because he’s only one win away from losing to Jones (Don’t care the opinions, official score is he lost) and Cormier is 12-0 so he much more deserves it, Dana really doesn’t make sense here with his logic.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Really he should of just came out and said that they are sticking with this fight due to the brawl hyping fan excitement that much more.

  • Screenplaya says:

    Normally, I think it is obvious that Gustaffson would have gotten the match, but Jones’ classless attacks on Cormier just make that the more compelling scrap.

    Gustaffson is going to have to accept a fight with Rumble, or risk having his “I got next” taken away by Rumble following another big victory. Maybe Gus is willing to wait and bank on the Rumble train getting derailed by a Rashad or a Glover, leaving Gus as the best option for a Spring title shot? Bad plan, IMHO.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I see no reason for Gustafson to get back in either, he lost to Jones in a good fight yes but who has he beat since or even before that? An Rua that is tore up after all the battles, Silva who was overated, then nobody even close to top 15. Cormier has put away some top guys at HW, and blew through Dan Henderson who beat the highest ranking LHW Gustafson has twice, Cormier should be next in line and if Alexander wants to sit and wait then let him watch others take his place, thats his poor choice.


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