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BJ Penn Was Thinking Multiple Fights Before Losing To Edgar

B.J. Penn

Former UFC champion BJ Penn believes after a loss to Frankie Edgar retirement is his best bet moving forward.

Penn announced his retirement following the fight, but he’s done the same previously. “The Prodigy” hasn’t won a fight since a 2010 knockout victory over Matt Hughes.

“I think I should stay retired,” said Penn, in an interview with his own personal website. “One think I know is that I put a lot of effort, a lot of energy into this camp. I trained for the last year to do this camp.

“I love training, I was looking to do five fights. After the last few fights I’m kind of getting tired.”

Penn turns 36 years old this December and is one of just two men to hold UFC titles in multiple weight classes. He also has wins on his resume over the likes of Hughes, Diego Sanchez, Kenny Florian, Sean Sherk, Renzo Gracie and Duane Ludwig.

In cutting down to featherweight to face Edgar for the first time, Penn worked with nutritionist Mike Dolce. During the interview, he was asked about that relationship, saying “As far as Mike Dolce goes, I would never hire him again for anything.” Asked to elaborate, Penn simply said “Next question.”

  • Dufresne says:

    I think BJ is a victim of his own talents. He was so good right from the beginning and he could basically coast past all but the very top guys, I think that led him to get too confident in his own viewpoints. The game has changed and it finally seems to be passing him by, and since he’s heard that he was the best since he started I don’t think he’s capable of really fundamentally changing his diet and training habits like he needs to if he’s going to stay relevant.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I definitely think he’s not willing to change it training habits. There was an article from the boxing coach right after the fight that said Penn basically never used him for this fight except for the last two weeks, and by the time he got there Penn had been training the whole time with this straight back stance, instead of knees bent and bobbing and weaving like his old coach said. The reason was because Penn didn’t like the old way because it tired him out sooner, so he wanted to do this way because it was easier.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    I’d love to see bj keep fighting, just not the cream of the crop any more. He could fight lower level guys like zombie or bermudez or clay, guys who aren’t gonna dance around and Wear him out, basically guys who will fight in a way that benefits bj. Even fights with guys like Diego again. That said his last performance was the first time he didn’t really fight like bj Penn, it was just wierd. Also remember he used to not train properly for big fights, just so he could see if he could beat them without putting any effort in


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