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Matt Brown Takes Issue With Those That Say He Faked Low-Blow

ufc on fox 12

One moment almost halted the fight this past weekend at UFC on FOX 12, and brought with it some controversy.

During the third round of the main event, Robbie Lawler appeared to land a body kick that hurt Matt Brown. However, referee John McCarthy declared the shot a low-blow and put a pause in the action.

Several replays were shown after, and UFC commentator Joe Rogan stated he thought the shot was legal and the referee had made a mistake. UFC president Dana White also said much the same during his post-fight interview on FOX Sports 1.

McCarthy, a long-time ref, came to his own defense on Twitter, stating, “For information, the kick thrown by Robbie was legal, his shin moved Matt Brown’s cup, you could hear it, that’s why Matt was given a moment.”

Brown, who lost via decision to Lawler, also defended his own actions via his Facebook page after the fight:

  • Dufresne says:

    If it were just about any other fighter, and/or any other ref, I’d be calling bullshit. But Big John is really good, and Matt doesn’t strike me as the type of guy that would ever fake something to get a break. He’s just not built that way.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i didn’t get to see this fight straight away, so i didn’t get to see all of the fall out and chat about it straight after. But i was expecting to hear something about an injury or illness Matt had going into the fight, he just didn’t look the same to me. granted it was a step up in class, and he did get cracked a few times early, but he just didn’t seem to turn up


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