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John Dodson A Worthy Contender To Demetrious Johnson

john dodson

UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson kind of brushed off the idea of a rematch with John Dodson following his most recent victory over Ali Bagautinov.

However, UFC president Dana White truly believes that is the fight that will go down next. Dodson defeated John Moraga and is unbeaten since a loss to “Mighty Mouse” last year.

“Too bad if Demetrious doesn’t like that fight,” said White, during his weekly interview on “That’s the fight he’s probably looking at.

“No doubt about it; that is (potentially) one of the premier matchups in the UFC this year.”

The first encounter went the distance, with Johnson scoring the decision victory. He followed up the performance with finishes of Moraga and Joseph Benavidez before going the full 25 minutes with Bagautinov.

Johnson doesn’t feel like Dodson is undeserving, he just believes others warrant a shot first, as he stated during the post-fight press conference following his most recent win.

“It’s up to the UFC to make that decision,” he said. “There’s a lot of challenges in this weight class that I need to fight.”

  • Screenplaya says:

    Headline: Uncle Dana wants Dodson to be 125 champ because he thinks he will be a better draw, due to his more exciting style. It doesn’t help that Johnson claimed not to care that fans were filing out of the stadium during his dominant performance over Bagautinov.

    Dana makes no bones about the fact that he wants finishes in 100% of fights. If Dana is going to bluster on about something, I wish it was about how NSAC, the lead sanctioning body in the country, is doing such a piss-poor job of prepping and choosing judges and referees. If improvements are made in Nevada, there will be a ripple effect.


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