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UFC Boss Not Happy With Arlovski-Schaub, Woodley

ufc 174

UFC president Dana White did not attend the post-fight press conference for UFC 174 Saturday night, as you could tell during his interview on FOX Sports 1 that he was not happy.

White expressed his opinions on a number of subjects, including UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, Rory MacDonald, Tyron Woodley and the Brendan Schaub-Andrei Arlovski heavyweight fight.

On Johnson’s win over Ali Bagautinov:

“The kid is unbelievable,” White said. “There is not a thing he cannot do. He is always aggressive and amazing. I don’t know if he is under-appreciated. It is never fun to go in there against a guy as tough and durable as Ali is.”

On Johnson-John Dodson rematch for the title:

“It makes the most sense,” he said. “The fight was awesome. They are two of the fastest guys in the business. I’m not saying that fight is next; I like that fight.”

On MacDonald dominating Tyron Woodley:

“He shut Woodley down,” White said. “He made Woodley look like he didn’t want to be in there. He looked awesome. I liked the way he fought, liked his interview after. The kid is coming into his own.”

On Woodley going forward:

“He choked in the big fight,” White said. “He needed to come out and try to rip his head off in the third. He has got a ways to go. It seems like he chokes in big fights.”

The Schaub-Arlovski fight, won by Arlovski:

“That fight sucked,” White simply stated. “The fans lost in that fight. That fight should have been on the prelims.”

  • hindsightufuk says:

    you put Brendan Schaub on a PPV and in hindsight realise that the oaf should be on prelims of non ppv cards, well done.
    actually glad that fight wasnt on the prelims as i enjoyed the prelims way more than the main card. it was just so dull, so lacking anything worthy of paying for. Johnson was incredible, but i don’t really get anything out of watching him. all the other main card fights were so lacklustre for me personally.

  • Niv says:

    It was a great card on paper unfortunately it was one of the most lackluster main events I’ve seen.

    I was there and haven’t missed one event in my hometown Vancouver. Nothing you can do about it,I expected way more out of every main card fight but they were all one sided fights.

    I hope Rory keeps moving forward I’d love to see the hometown kid get his title shot.


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