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Pettis Plans One Fight In 2014 Before Possible Aldo Super-Fight

Pettis Plans One Fight In 2014 Before Possible Aldo Super-Fight

UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis remains hopeful that a super-fight with Jose Aldo can be worked out.

Currently, Pettis is targeting a return to action next summer after undergoing knee surgery, while Aldo – the UFC featherweight champion – is scheduled to face Ricardo Lamas in early 2014.

“Aldo has his hands full with Ricardo,” said Pettis, during a recent interview on UFC Tonight. “Hopefully, Aldo comes out of that and we have a super-fight.

“I want to fight one more time in the year and then maybe set up a super-fight for the end of the year.”

Pettis was set to meet “Scarface” this past August before a training injury while promoting the match in Brazil surfaced. He was able to return late that month and defeat Benson Henderson for the title.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Sooo basically he only wants to fight two times next yr?

  • raker says:

    That’s disappointing. We haven’t seen much out of Pettis since he joined the UFC roster while a guy like Jon Jones has has to endure an incredible workload. He just became champ too and although I’d like to see an Aldo fight, he should defend the belt a couple of times at least. The LW division was held up for a long time with Frankie vs BJ/Maynard and I’d hate to see it stall out again just as things were starting to move along.


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