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Top 5 UFC Rematches to Make in 2014

The fire has downed down surrounding the controversy involved in Saturday night’s showdown between UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre and title-contender Johny Hendricks now that a number of days have passed since the bout’s questionable outcome. Despite St-Pierre’s decision to take off an undetermined amount of time, UFC President Dana White has assured fans “Rush” and Hendricks will rumble again in hopes of seeing a clear-cut winner determined. Their rematch is one of many the organization will look to make at some point next year. Here are some others worth considering as well… (Photos by USA Today Sports Images)

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I would put Diaz Lawler at # 1 right now personally as I really think that is a fight that has to happen now. GSP is a big question mark right now and he deserves whatever time off he is asking for, Bones vs Gustafson seems a little strange to me as Bones clearly won that fight, had Alexander hurt more than once but all people see is that Alexander did much better than expected and I think thats why they want the rematch.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I’d rather see new fights instead of rematches, use to rematches was a somewhat rare thing (unless your name was tito), but anymore it seems to be the norm.


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