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Belfort Says Testosterone Levels Low For UFN 32

Vitor Belfort

Not only did Vitor Belfort record another highlight reel victory at UFC Fight Night 32 earlier this month by taking out Dan Henderson, the veteran says he did so with low testosterone levels. Yes, unless you’re new to this whole MMA thing, then chances are you’re more than aware that Belfort uses testosterone replacement therapy, which continues to be a controversial issue (depending on who you talk to of course).

Belfort recently relayed to the media in Rio de Janeiro that (comments via MMA

“My (testosterone) levels were low in my last fight,” said Belfort. “I have all the exams to prove that I have a disease. It’s simple.”

Of course, much of the debate regarding Belfort’s TRT use has coming during a year where the punishing striker has gone 3-0, by bombing through Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold and most recently Henderson. All three fights have also taken place in Belfort’s Brazil, where he’s cleared by authorities to use TRT. Since Belfort failed a post fight drug test in Nevada back in 2006, however, he does not have a TRT exemption in the U.S.

Despite all that, however, Belfort’s evidently pretty confident he’ll be throwing down in the U.S. soon.

“Chael Sonnen has a license to fight in Vegas, and I’m doing everything by the book,” Belfort said while referring to Sonnen, who is also a TRT user. “I have all the exams to prove it.”

It should also be noted that post-fight drug tests for UFN 32 just came back, and all of the competitors including Belfort and “Hendo” were negative. Both Belfort and Henderson had TRT exemptions for the November 9th bout, which ended shortly after Belfort dropped the 43 year-old legend with a left high kick.

Chances are Belfort will get tapped to fight the winner of Chris Weidman-Anderson Silva II, which is set for UFC 168 on December 28th.

  • Screenplaya says:

    Dear Vitor,

    While it is nice to know that your levels might have been low at fight time, I think the issue most of us have is that we don’t know what your levels were throughout training camp. If your levels are ever artificially raised above normal, then you are gaining an unfair advantage, regardless of your levels at fight time.

    Please take this into consideration and either post your doctor-tested levels throughout camp, or stop talking about your levels. It only makes us think you are covering something up.


  • SBERG says:

    Of course he’s covering something…lol….He’s been busted for juice in the past and no reason to believe he’s off the juice now. Good for him that he’s able to get away with it in the meantime but I really believe he’s gonna get popped soon or become Overeem v2: Looks great outside the states but once here he’s a whole different person…


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