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Top 10 Wins of Dan Henderson’s Career

UFC light heavyweight Dan Henderson is as iconic as competitors come in Mixed Martial Arts. From his facial features to fighting style, “Hendo” is instantly recognizable and holds a place among the all-time greats as a man who has found consistent success for more than 15 years including titles in multiple organizations. In fact, while these countdowns tend to feature a Top 5 format, the 43-year old Henderson’s run in the ring has been so impressive he’s merited an extra five slots. (Photos by USA Today Sports Images)

  • SBERG says:

    Even though he’s never held UFC gold Hendo by far is the greatest American MMA fighter ever….The list of whos who in wins and losses is astounding…..No one comes close.
    I hope he beats Vitor tonight….Really would like to see him make one more solid run at a title shot. With this guy anything is possible. Can’t ever count him out.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Hendo is a stud, and I definitely agree he held the torch as greatest American MMA fighter… but I think you have to say JBJ has passed him up at this point. Jones has 7 straight wins in title fights, beating guys like Shogun, Rampage, Machida, Rashad, Vitor & Gustafsson.

    But it’s a damn shame we didn’t get to see Hendo fight JBJ earlier this year as should have been the case. Instead of getting what would have been a true passing of the torch moment (had JBJ won) or Hendo cementing his status as greatest American MMA’er… we got two completely shitty fights in JBJ/Chael and Hendo/Machida. But hey, it gave TUF ratings a temporary jolt.


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