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Jason “Mayhem” Miller Gives His Side Of Uriah Hall Incident

Jason “Mayhem” Miller Gives His Side Of Uriah Hall Incident

Every story has at least two sides and Jason “Mayhem” Miller has his own about the altercation with UFC fighter Uriah Hall. Video recently surfaced of Miller using racial slurs and curse words at Hall during a BAMMA event. The end saw Hall throw a punch before security separated them.

Miller sent the following messages out through Twitter.

“Some guy got in my face, I punked him, he threw, I slipped it.

It seems to me that I must play the “bad guy” insomuch as that is the narrative that everyone is writing for me. Truth is, I’m full of love.

I have no hate for anyone based on race, and idgaf what u think anyway.”

It’s nothing new for Miller, who has gained lots of negative attention since being released by the UFC and retiring. He’s been arrested countless times for assault and burgerly.

UFC president Dana White said there will be no punishment for Hall and he was happy about the punch being thrown.

  • SBERG says:

    Jason…4 words to help you through the rest of your life – SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!…….Have a nice day.

  • mmajosh says:

    Of course Miller is lying….. he can’t slip a punch.

  • Dufresne says:

    I watched the video posted of the incident and, fortunately for Uriah, he did miss with the punch. I would hate for him to have to deal with the legal crap that would have followed for, rightly, smashing Mayhem’s face in public.

    Honestly at this point I think Mayhem is just trying to keep himself in the public eye and is being an attention whore the only way he can think to, by being a huge douche.


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