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Nick Diaz-Michael Bisping Fight Appears Off The Table For Time Being

Nick Diaz-Michael Bisping Fight Appears Off The Table For Time Being

UFC president Dana White would back a middleweight scrap between Nick Diaz and Michael Bisping.

White, though, doesn’t believe Diaz is interesting in returning to action at this time.

Rumors of the former Strikeforce champion getting back inside the Octagon have been floating around almost since the time he announced his retirement. However, sparks started to flicker brighter when his teammate, Gilbert Melendez, recently insisted he wants to fight again.

Bisping agreed on Twitter to welcome the one-time UFC welterweight title contender to 185 pounds, and White immediately stated his agreement in the bout. That changed on Thursday during the UFC 166 media session.

“I love that fight…..I like it,” White said. “Everything I hear from Nick Diaz (though) is that he doesn’t want to fight.”

White added that it would be a “fun fight” to see, as both fighters enjoy trading jabs both inside and outside the cage.


    Damnit Diaz!!-That’s a great fight!!-Make it happen if for anything than to be able to buy that exquisite strain that is so hard to accumulate

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Does anyone know how Diaz’ promotion went? All I heard was that Caesar Gracie said it went fine, and that they wont be doing another one any time soon



  • SBERG says:

    Bisping by UD…..I don’t see Diaz winning a round here….It will be competitive but Bisping is a way better fighter I feel. And when it’s over we’ll get to see Diaz retire…Again…
    Really would like to see this fight…would be the first time I ever backed Bisping. Too bad it’s not going to happen.


    obviously amazing

  • Screenplaya says:

    Man, I hope this scrap happens. I hope it is a five-rounder, headlining a Fox show, so they can run one of their surveys on the broadcast:

    – Text 1 if you want Diaz to win
    – Text 2 for Bisping
    – Text 3 if you hate them both equally, and want nothing more than to see them beat the ever-loving beejezuz out of each other.

  • darth_irritable says:

    Given they both pitterpatter, you know it’s going the distance.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I like both guys a lot but if Bisping and Diaz gets signed it is a terrible fight for Diaz. Bisping would have no fear coming in against a lighter guy and could finish the fight.


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