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The 10-Point Must (10/16/13)

Wednesday has rolled around again and, as expected, the 10-Point Must is back! Every week I’ll give my thoughts on ten topics from the past seven days with hopes the readership will contribute their takes as well in the Comments section. This time around, subjects range from the possibility of a bout between Nick Diaz-Michael Bisping to Georges St-Pierre contemplating retirement after his next fight to a quick glimpse at Saturday night’s lineup for UFC 166. (Photos by USA Today Sports Images)

  • MCM says:

    Doubt Maia gets walking papers unless he goes on a 3 fight skid. Shields could be gone is he loses his next fight.

    Ya’ll know my stance on Palhares. The world is wrong and I am right, end of story.

    I don’t even see Hendricks as being much of a challenge for GSP, so I understand the talk of hanging it up. Hopefully he moves up instead of out. I think a fight against Bisping would be a tremendous challenge.

    Love the Saffiedine/Ellenberger fight. Also makes good sense as far as rankings go.

    Boxing is a different sport than MMA and footwork and stances are completely different in a sport where you can get taken down. Do I think JDS would win against a Klitschko? Probably not, but he’d put up a better fight than most of their opponents.

    Diaz is and always has been a mid tier fighter. Bisping has proven to be one of the very best in his class. I don’t like that fight at all. If Nick comes back, he should be fighting the Mike Pyles of the division, but since he won’t, he can stay retired and MMA journalist should let him.

    There are a ton of unsung hero’s in this industry. R.I.P. Mr. Meyer.

    166 is freaking STACKED! Guys on the chopping block, fighters changing weight classes, personal beefs and even a title fight. I think I’m more excited for this card than 167.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Comments about GSP were taken out of context, manager just said that if at any point gsp didn’t feel the desire to train, he’d retire, not that he was close to that point.


    GSP will dominate slow plodding Hendricks and Shields is amazing in the way he makes his opponents lose all interest in fighting him


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