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5 UFC 165 Storylines Worth Watching

Every fight has story behind it even if the tilt’s tale is as simple as two athletes looking to incapacitate the other and bring home a win. However, digging deeper reveals additional angles worth considering when it comes to a particular pairing. The lineup for UFC 165 is no different in that regard with more than one match-up involving intrigue outside of the basics. (Photos by USA Today Sports Images)

  • THEGUNNER says:


  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’d be shocked if Mitrione or Schaub was cut after this event. They’re both very recognizable names and, all in all, they’ve produced results for the UFC — each guy has fought 8 times for the UFC (posting a combined 11-5 record), and each has had 6 of 8 fights end via (T)KO. In other words, they’re marketable fighters who have produced results and are part of the already-thin HW division. Unless one of them does something silly in the cage on Saturday night to piss off Dana, I don’t see how either would be cut.

    Regarding Gustafsson, his reach has always been officially listed in the 76-77″ range. He’s apparently claiming it’s actually 81″+…. so I guess it’s just a question of whether Jones’ reach advantage is huge or marginal, but either way he’s going to finish Alex. Whether it’ll happen via sub or TKO is anybody’s guess cuz of JBJ’s dynamic dominance, but this would be an upset on par with Serra over GSP, in my opinion. Not that Gustafsson isn’t a more worthy challenger than Serra was… it’s more that while GSP completely controls opponents, JBJ completely destroys his opponents. His youth + size + all-around skill just isn’t even fair in the LHW division. I wouldn’t mind seeing him fight Cormier at 205, but after that it’s time to move up to HW and see what kind of damage he can do there. As I’ve said before, right now I’d already favor him over any HW opponent not named Cain.


    khabib wins and so does Mitrione-there

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Do these lists not work for anyone else? Anymore I click next and it kicks me out to the main page and then displays page not found.

  • darth_irritable says:

    Gike, it’s not the list failing you. It’s good taste winning out.


    wHAT?-I stand by what I originally said

  • darth_irritable says:

    Sorry – I misread – I was replying to AO.


    no problem-great night of fights tonight-living in san francisco-i walked right past khabib on market and powell street a couple months back-he was on crutches wearing an awesome ufc hooded red sweatshirt and looked like he was about six foot tall-a lot bigger than you would think for a LW-ride my bike past Gilbert Melendez’s gym every morning on my way to work-if anyone is in the area they should come by and check it out-over on third street


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