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Jon Jones just wants to bang, bro.

“Being a champion, it’s really important to not shy away from any fight. A champion needs to be able to defeat any style, so when people are assuming that he’s that much better of a boxer than me, I’m gonna go right at him and make it a good kickboxing match. Sure, I’ll take him down at some point in the fight, but I’m really excited to prove that I’m one of the best strikers in the division.”

Jon Jones may not make the best decisions outside the cage on his drunken nights, but he’s a smart fighter that knows how to manipulate his opponents into playing his game by keeping them outside his long reach. He also has shown to be very weary of big punches coming at him when facing devastating standup fighters, even coming out in crouching position in a few of them.

I don’t remember him doing that against Chael Sonnen.

Expect Jones to come out in a crouching position, unwilling to exchange with Gustafsson and looking to bring him down.

The sucky thing for the Swede is his standup isn’t really much better than Jones’. He has a few wins by knockout with punches, which is what Jones has yet to accomplish in the Octagon, but Gustafsson hasn’t shown the constant ability to calculate his KO power into his performances such as a Johny Hendricks.

Many of Jones’ past opponents were just trying to catch him clean with one shot. Gustafsson, on the other hand, is confident that his footwork and speed will help him shock the world.

Do you really think Jones will avoid taking Gustafsson down in the early going of the opening round?

Not me.

I can see Jones coming out in his crouching stance, bringing the fight to the ground immediately and landing elbows that dye the blonde head of the challenger.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Jones will beat him everywhere. He outwrestled sonnen to prove hes a better wrestler than him he ll beat the swed standing to show he can bang to just like he did with michida. He didnt run from the stand up. This is jj not gsp.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yep, Jones is just too good….everywhere. He’ll beat Gustafsson standing, crouching, on the ground, on in the air with flying knees. People mention Gustafsson’s height as if it’s a potential equalizer against JBJ, but in reality Jones still has an 8-inch reach advantage and Alex’s long limbs will just be easier targets for Jones’ kicks and overall dynamic attack.

  • stone says:

    Jones needs to move up to HW after this fight….these LHW fights just don’t even seem fair anymore


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