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Video: Dana White Live Chat

Watch UFC President Dana White’s live google hangout here.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Thanks for the heads-up about this live chat thing. I caught most of it… here are a few highlights for those who might be interested.

    – When asked how he goes from being vocal about BJ Penn retiring (and staying retired) to completely shifting gears and building a TUF season and main event of a UFC card around the should-be-retired Mr. Penn… Dana says up until two days ago he had no inkling of BJ fighting again, but during a phone conversation a couple days ago BJ told him he wanted to fight Benson Henderson, eventually explaining the reason he wanted Bendo was that a victory would convince Dana to give him another shot at the guy he really wanted — Frankie Edgar. So fast-forwarding thru the rest, apparently we’re to believe that within about a 24-hour span (two days ago till last night’s TUF announcement) this entire Penn-Edgar / TUF plan was conceived, the TUF plans & related details were hashed out with FOX partners, agreements reached with Penn’s and Edgar’s respective camps, etc. That all sounds pretty far-fetched to me (Dana spinning this as BJ essentially coming up with the plan & twisting Dana’s arm) but whatevs.

    – Regarding the negativity towards the Penn-Edgar TUF announcement, Dana says both guys will be fantastic coaches and that if people don’t like the matchup of Penn vs. Edgar then “don’t f*cking watch it.”

    – If Jones beats Gustafsson and Cormier beats Roy, Dana agreed with the notion that would be the next LHW title matchup.

    – Asked who is the most underrated fighter in the entire UFC is, Dana’s response was… Chael. Seriously.


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