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Looking Back at Carlos Condit-Martin Kampmann I

Looking Back at Carlos Condit-Martin Kampmann I

In less than a week, UFC welterweights Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann will clash inside the Octagon as headliners at UFC Fight Night 27. However, the bout will mark the second time the duo have duked it out, as Condit made his UFC debut against “The Hitman” more than four years ago after a run as WEC champion.

In the end, Kampmann exited the infamous eight-sided cage with a closely contested decision win in tow. Now, thanks to the folks at Zuffa, fans can re-live the rumble and see how far each fighter has come since the scrap.

The entirety of the 2009 tilt between Condit-Kampmann can be seen below:

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I just rewatched the fight and still think Kampmann won. Very close first round that could go either way but rounds 2 and three to Martin. I think Carlos had better striking throughout but Martin had more takedowns by 3 ( 1 takedown each in rounds 1 and 2 and 3 in third ).
    Martin had mor submission attempts and both had a few reversals, but overall Martin had more time in control of the fight on the ground, Still had it gone the other way I wouldnt complaine as it was just so close in rounds 1 and 2. Third round was not close as it was all Martin but 1 and 2, dam I am glad I am not a paid official.


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