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Dana White doesn’t see Ronda Rousey retiring to make movies

Dana White doesn’t see Ronda Rousey retiring to make movies

UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey’s “brand” is as hot as ever at the moment. In addition to being an unbeaten title-holder in the world’s foremost MMA organization and coach on TUF 18, the Maxim cover-girl recently booked roles in likely blockbusters The Expendables 3 and Fast and Furious 7. While her popularity has been a blessing in some ways, showing the mainstream how viable a commodity Mixed Martial Artists can be, it has also brought on concern about her future in fighting given Gina Carano’s one-way trip from the cage to Hollywood.

UFC President Dana White addressed the issue this week with media after a pre-fight press conference attached to UFC Fight Night 26, dismissing concerns about the possibility of Rousey retiring from her in-ring endeavors to focus on a film career.

“There’s no way in hell,” said White in a conversation captured by MMAFighting. “I don’t care what Hollywood offers. They ain’t paying what we’re paying. These guys, when they go out and make a movie, they’re not paying what we are.”

White went on to explain he understands the “it” factor Hollywood sees in Rousey; he just isn’t worried about her abandoning her passion for pugilism to read lines on a set.

“Does she have the perfect image? She doesn’t. She says ‘f*ck’ more than I do,” he joked. “She is who she is and I think people like her for her fighting style and the like who she is.”

Fans can catch Rousey’s next project on September 4 when TUF 18 debuts on FOX Sports 1.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Really? Hollywood can’t pay what they can? Just as an example that doesn’t fit exactly but is kinda close, Dwayne Johnson got paid 500k for his FIRST ever staring movie role (scorpion king). So Dana thinks that if Hollywood offered Ronda 500k to be in a movie, that takes 3 months to film, and requires her to not get beat up, or wake up at the ass crack of dawn to train, she’d not think about doing it from then on?

  • SBERG says:

    I think it’s more Dana just not wanting to see is top draw female fighter leave for movies….I mean sure with a PPV cut she might make more in MMA right now but if and I say if she’s offered more deals in hollywood there’s no way UFC can match what she can potentially get. Also add the fact that if she stays undefeated and retires early….sky’s the limit.

  • SBERG says:

    Meant to say ” his top draw female fighter”……….dang typos


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