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Top 5 UFC Light Heavyweight Submission Artists

The casual MMA fan will be saying “Who?” but those who know who he is know how good his ground game is Set to make his Octagon debut, he might have been number 1 on this list if he had some UFC experience. Every one of his six wins are by submission and I personally am very excited to see what kind of damage he can bring into the cage. Photo Credit MMAWeekly

The light-heavyweights, much like the heavyweights, are much more frequently knocking people out than they are submitting them.  But that does not mean that some of these guys are not more than capable when it comes to submissions.  While us MMA fans love to see a good striking battle, I think submissions are just as fun to watch. Here are, in order, who I think are the Top 5 submission artists in the UFC.


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