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Chael Sonnen still isn’t licensed for match-up with Mauricio Rua

Chael Sonnen still isn’t licensed for match-up with Mauricio Rua

UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen is essentially a week away form facing Mauricio Rua in the main event of the organization’s debut on FOX Sports 1. However, there’s still a chance Sonnen may not be cleared to compete at the August 17 event.

Last week it was reported that Sonnen’s license had yet to be approved based on Massachusetts’ lack of experience with fighters requesting an exemption for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. A recent report from MMAJunkie followed up on the matter where an athletic commission representative explained an answer would be in place later today after the officials met to discuss acceptable levels of testosterone in relation to Mixed Martial Arts.

If Sonnen’s status as a TRT user prevents him from fighting Rua the UFC will definitely be left in a major bind, as UFC Fight Night 26 marks the company’s debut on FOX Sports 1 and is aimed at helping the all-sports network’s launch.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i would cheer loudly if the UFC’s first foray onto FS1 was ruined because they continue to promote and support a known PED user (border line racist/criminal etc) and he gets pulled from the Shogun fight.

    Lyoto Machida is unscathed and looking for a fight having not done fuck all last weekend, maybe they can complete the trilogy

  • THEGUNNER says:

    I agree. Sonnen is the last person to be on the main event. He taps early and gets finished without being hurt badly. I wonder if he ll fight without the ped to save the card. Either way im hoping for rua to send sonnen to retirement without a chance to be a hall of famer.

  • MCM says:

    Chael is gonna get licensed, retire Rua, go back down to 185, whoop Wandy then challenge Weidman for title, where he’ll lose in the second by submission, before calling it quits and doing commentary full time.

  • SBERG says:

    Ummmm yea…..what he said…^^^^^^^


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