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Rashad Evans: “I won’t fight anybody who I train with!”

Rashad Evans: “I won’t fight anybody who I train with!”

UFC President Dana White recently offered up his version of a solution in the case of star Vitor Belfort’s desire to fight outside of the middleweight division as a means of maintaining status as a top contender. With tongue planted firmly in his cheek, the aggravated executive referred to Rashad Evans as a candidate for a clash with Belfort. As many fans know, Belfort and Evans train together as part of the Blackzilian camp.

While Belfort hasn’t responded to White’s remark, Evans was asked for his thoughts on the possibility of being paired with “The Phenom” and immediately dismissed the idea.

“I won’t fight Vitor. I won’t fight Thiago Silva. I won’t fight Cezar ‘Mutante’ Ferreira. I won’t fight anybody who I train with! I made that mistake before, and I won’t do that again,” said Evans to ESPN’s website. “I lost a lot of relationships because I did that before.”

Evans didn’t go into further detail though its clear the light heavyweight was alluding to his fallout with Greg Jackson’s camp and champion Jon Jones. The 33-year old was a core member of Jackson’s crew but left after a match-up began materializing with Jones, feeling as though he’d been betrayed to a certain extent.

  • MCM says:

    I don’t blame him. I know a lot has been made about fighters fighting training partners but I think, logistically, it’s pretty difficult. With Condit and GSP it was easy cause the lived in different countries and didn’t really train together all that much. But with Rashad and Vitor, or the old Kos/Fitch, or even GSP/Rory, the situation is not only do you train with the guy, but you use the same coaches, usually the same strategists, and everything else. As a coach or strategist, how do you train one guy to beat another guy and then go and train the other guy to beat the guy you just trained? It’s like playing chess against yourself but seriously trying to win.

  • SBERG says:

    I beat myself at chess, it sucked but I was happy I won……lol.


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