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Emotional Anderson Silva reacts to allegations of fixing fight

Emotional Anderson Silva reacts to allegations of fixing fight

The argument suggesting UFC middleweight Anderson Silva threw his UFC 162 title-defense against Chris Weidman has lost some steam lately but that doesn’t mean “The Spider” hasn’t been approached about the possibility on numerous occasions. Though the notion is far-fetched at best, it appears the continuous questions about Silva’s character have started to wear on the Brazilian, and the man who often looks like a superhero inside the Octagon has started showing his human side.

Silva was a guest this past week on Brazilian talk show Legendarios where his eyes filled with tears as he addressed the controversy.

“I’m Brazilian, and people respect my story outside of our country – Japan, England, USA, and we very respected. We do our job very well. On the side of fixing the fight, and me selling it, I’m a little annoyed because when I enter the Octagon, I represent my country and I represent all the Brazilians here and outside who cheer me,” said Silva in a conversation captured by “It got me very upset, people thinking I sold the fight. I always said it’s a Brazilian belt, if it’s with me or another Brazilian. I always said I don’t want to fight with another Brazilian. If another Brazilian won, I would cheer them on. I wanted the belt to stay here. I’m not a politician, I’m an athlete and I represent my country and I’ll never fail them. Never.”

Silva will have a chance to erase the doubt on December 28 when he faces Weidman in a rematch. The knockout loss earlier this month was the first of his career and snapped a sixteen-fight winning streak inside the infamous eight-sided cage.

  • SBERG says:

    Good for Anderson to come out and talk about this stuff. He didn’t have to by any means.
    The next part of what I’m writing has nothing to do with Anderson or what he said, this is just my opinion on the matter as a whole.

    As far as the actual subject of the fight being fixed – YOUR A COMPLETE AND UTTER MORON IF YOU BELIEVE THE FIGHT WAS FIXED. Ty and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • SBERG says:

    And one more thing if you finish your workout and make a chocolate protein shake and sit on the desk at your pc and spin your chair around and knock over the shake onto everything THAT would make you a MORON TOO!!!!!! Not that I’ve done it (wink wink, Just now) but I’m just sayin……..

  • SBERG says:

    ‘ sit it on the desk ‘

  • hindsightufuk says:

    I’m an athlete and I represent my country and I’ll never fail them. Never.

    kinda did fail them when you acted like an utter tool and got knocked out by a lesser fighter.
    looked like a cunt too

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Well, at the very least, the fight was unforgettable.
    Bring on the rematch!
    And if Silva shows up with a new diamond encrusted mouthpiece, then we’ll know something was up in the first fight.


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