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Jon Fitch: “I like when a fight’s definitively finished.”

Jon Fitch: “I like when a fight’s definitively finished.”

WSOF welterweight Jon Fitch isn’t exactly known for his finishing ability. However, Fitch definitely got some buzz last month when he was on the wrong end of a sub-minute stoppage, being submitted by Josh Burkman at WSOF 3. Making the result particularly unique were a few factors, as Fitch was choked out cold and Burkman actually released the hold rather than referee Steve Mazzagatti intervening in the action.

Though a ton of criticism was aimed at Mazzagatti, Fitch recently revealed he himself had no problem with the way things unfolded.

“I’m a little old school. I like when a fight’s definitively finished,” admitted Fitch in an interview with The MMA Hour. “I think a lot of times nowadays refs are pretty eager to jump in and stop and break things up before you really get that solid finish in a fight.”

Fitch is hoping he’ll have a chance to redeem himself before the end of 2013, aiming to stay active rather than retreat into his late 30s wondering about what might have been.

“I mean, fighters, I don’t think we ever really get over losses. It’s kind of what drives us to keep working and keeps us moving to get better and try to get better,” said Fitch. “I’ve dealt with it, but I’ll never be over the loss. It’s just a matter of me putting together a win or two and getting a rematch.”

“I figure three times a year, that’s at least fifteen fights in five years if you’re healthy,” the 35-year old concluded. “I think I have fifteen fights left in me.”

Fitch’s stumble dropped his record to 24-6-1 and was his third loss in four fights. Prior to the slide the former title-contender was on a 5-0-1 run including wins over Paulo Thiago, Mike Pierce, and Thiago Alves.

  • MCM says:

    I’m really interested to see how Fitch fairs. Is he done like some people think and it’s time to write him off? Or did he have a bad night like Hendo did in his SF debut against Shields, and with a few tweaks and some hard work, he can get back to the top? As a fan I’m hoping for the latter, his next two fights should let us know.

  • SBERG says:

    Fitch is right though, he was definitively finished in his last fight. Shocking he was as good as he was for so long and the bottom just dropped out like that.


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