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Jake Ellenberger: “I didn’t make him make this stupid decision to fight me.”

Jake Ellenberger: “I didn’t make him make this stupid decision to fight me.”

UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger clearly wants a title-shot and is willing to do what it takes to earn one. Not only has “The Juggernaut” racked up results on par with a top contender over the past few years, but Ellenberger has decided to amp up his trash-talk with a particular focus on upcoming opponent Rory MacDonald.

During the build up to their UFC on FOX 8 fight, the 28-year old slugger has spewed a steady stream of smack in MacDonald’s direction, drawing attention from fans previously dismissing him as an athlete more so than entertainer. Ellenberger offered up some more thoughts on MacDonald during a conference call with media, pleading innocence on the matter while saying he’s done nothing more than speak honestly about what awaits “Ares” on July 27.

“I haven’t said anything that wasn’t true,” said Ellenberger in a comment captured by MMAJunkie. “My message to Rory is pretty clear: Pick some flavors of baby food and find one that you like and stock up, because this isn’t a ‘Tears for Fears’ lookalike contest. All I said was, ‘Prepare for some horizontal television time,’ and I meant it.”

“I’m an evidence-based abuser. I didn’t make him make this stupid decision to fight me. I’m just going to make him look stupid when I destroy him,” Ellenberger added.

Ellenberger certainly has the stats to back up his tough talk. He is 29-6 with eighteen knockouts notched on his record including finishes of Mike Pyle, Jake Shields, and most recently Nate Marquardt.

  • MCM says:

    I’ve always really liked Ellenberger and hope he smashes Rory cause that guys a douche. But if I take personalities out of it, I think Jake wakes up in the middle of the cage with the ref asking if he’s OK. Prove me wrong Juggernaut.

  • raker says:

    I love the way Rory fights but he is a bit of a meathead. Excited to see him fight a top WW. The only fight he’s had against a legit top 10 was against Condit and he lost. BJ, Pyle, Diaz, Guymon… Not the same level of competition that Ellenberger has faced but think that he can pull it off big time. Stoked for it!!

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Rory is a brilliant fighter. Yeah he gets hype but generally speaking I don’t think people realize just how damn good he really is.

    The Condit fight: Rory hadn’t even turned 21, while Carlos was 26 years old in his 30th pro bout. And yet Rory controlled the bulk of the fight before getting caught in a bad spot late (and a questionable stoppage).

    Nate Diaz: Yes, Nate is a bit undersized at WW but he had won 2 straight and then gave Stun Gun (whose only career losses are to Condit and Maia) a very tough fight that could have gone either way. But Rory just completely toyed with Nate, embarrassing him & sending him back down to LW.

    Mike Pyle: Dude has won 7 of 8 fights (all in the UFC) but the one loss in there was a dominating performance by Rory, who made Pyle look like an amateur.

    He’s since torn thru Che Mills & BJ Penn. I certainly agree Ellenberger is a step up in competition, and I’m a big fan of Jake and believe he’s capable of beating anybody in the WW division. But I think Rory will show that he’s on a different level than his WW peers. The dude is still just 23 years old — the same age GSP was when he lost to Matt Hughes the first time around. The sky is the limit for this kid.

  • raker says:

    Agreed Richard! I just think that Ellenberger has had a tougher lot having faced Kampmann, Shields and Marquardt. Rory is a beast though and can’t wait to see them both perform in this fight.

    Exciting fights at WW with these two, Lombard, Maia, Pierce, Hendricks, Condit, etc. we used to talk about GSP having cleared out the division. Not anymore. The old crop of contenders..Fitch, BJ, Alves, Koscheck, Hardy.. Are pretty much irrelevant in the title picture. An entire new bunch is here and they’re hungry.


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